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Thanks for stopping by the HuddleRoom site.  This site is dedicated to helping individuals and small business owners understand the options that are available to help their teams communicate and collaborate at little to no cost.

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What's this HuddlleRoom?
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Our Value Proposition
NewVista Advisors, llc

HuddleRoom is a unit of NewVista Advisors, llc

HuddleRoom is brought to you by NewVista Advisors, a New York based IT Management Consultancy.  At NewVista, we understand the need for quality team collaboration as a driver for quality and successful Project Management.

While most all serious PM firms know if the major collaboration tools, like SharePoint, we have found may solutions are available that can do as good a job at very low cost and often for no cost at all.

HuddleRoom is brought to you by NewVista Advisors, llc

NewVista Advisors is a boutique consulting company providing senior level Project Management and Technology Consulting Services to the Financial Services industry, both domestically and internationally. We are Project Management, Technology Infrastructure, and Facility Experts. 

We consider our most important objective to be enabling your company to achieve its goals by helping you define, design and implement highly available and cost effective infrastructure environments.  We have an outstanding record of success, often when operating under incredibly short schedules or across large geographies or both.

Company Profile - What We Do

Trading FloorWe focus on Datacenters, Trading Floors and Office Infrastructures.

We work together with your personnel to identify the business needs, goals and aspirations and translate those requirements into Technology Strategies; Facility, Systems and Infrastructure Designs; Project Plans and Implementations.

We help you execute against those plans, by providing Project Management Services that allow you to be successful, on time and on budget.

The result of our activities is a Technology Environment that provides the availability necessary to support the business needs, is manageable, and is cost effective.

From a technology management standpoint we can help you understand what part of your business is necessary to provide "lights on" services and what part is project or initiative based. We can then help you understand how to manage the cost of the "lights-on" portion of your environment.

Our Value Proposition


Our many years of experience, along with our ongoing exposure to many of the most notable firms in the Financial Services Industry allow us to quickly identify the best practices necessary to meet your IT goals.

Our key benefits include:


  • As a small firm, we only take on a few selective assignments at any one time.  In most all cases we assign one or two of our staff to the assignment full time, typically reporting to the CIO or CTO, or the head of infrastructure in larger firms.  This provides the intense focus your project will demand. 

  • We never represent any manufacturer and never ever make any money by recommending a particular product or service.

  • All initiatives are framed with a holistic “Big Picture” view across the business driving availability, reducing undesirable redundancies and aligning activities with applications and business needs

  • Our senior consultants understand the “Land Mines”  that will be encountered in successfully reaching your goal

  • We are well versed in the  Best Practices of such areas as Datacenter Design, Construction and Migration, Governance (Cobit), IT Processes (ITIL), Infrastructure Management, Microsoft Technologies, etc. supports making the right decisions for maximum Business Impact

  • Our Consultants are effective at communicating the desired message from the most strategic  “Board-Level” presentation to the most tactical operational personnel

We can support your needs from initial Vision and Strategy, through implementation and operational cutover.


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